Stavanger Cathedral:
Norway's oldest cathedral - finished around 1150 AC

Tou Beer

Ringnes AS, which took over the production of bottled Tou beer, decided in 2003 to shut down its production in Stavanger leaving 107 people without a job. Bottled Tou beer was a local icon for Stavanger.

The beer was brewed for the first time in 1855 at Tau, just outside Stavanger. The brewery moved to Stavanger in 1901 and in 1974 production was moved to Forus, Stavanger. The production of Tou beer was economic, the Stavanger brewery was in fact one of Ringnes' most efficient that year, but didn't fit into Ringnes' plans. Local unions and celebrities in Stavanger discussed a boycott of Ringnes products. Even local pub owners threatened to cancel their contracts with Ringnes.

This was one of the latest setbacks for local industry after known local companies like DBS (bicycles), Kvernaland (farming equipment), Scanem (sardine cans) and Norway Foods had either shut down or moved. Rosenberg shipyard was also up for sale. The difference with Tou was the fact that the Tou Brewery was in such a good financial position.

Ringnes AS is owned by Carlsberg Breweries which is a result of the fusion between Norwegian Orkla and Danish Carlsberg, in 2001.



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