Swords in Stone

Three enormous bronze swords stand monument to the battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872, when Harald Hårfagre (Fairheaded Harald) united Norway into one kingdom. The monument was designed by Fritz Røed (1928 - 2002) from Bryne, just south of Stavanger. It was unveiled by Norway's King Olav in 1983.



The swords, which are about 10 meters tall, stand for peace and unification. One sword is larger than the others. This was Fairheaded Harald's sword. The swords are planted in solid rock - representing peace and are found at Møllebukta which is a bay area on the southern shore of Hafrsfjord.

The name "Møllebukta" derives from "mølla" (mill) and "bukt (bay). There used to be a corn mill here. Today the area is one of Stavangers most popular recreational areas.


Read more about the battle and the monument at Wikipedia.

The three swords early in September, 2015
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