Fargegaten - The Colorful Street

In the midst of Stavanger you can find one of the most popular attractions: the street called "Fargegaten". It is a pedestrian street with wooden houses painted in bright colors.
Although the street is believed to have a history dating back to the Middle Ages, all the houses were destroyed in a fire in 1860. Most of the wooden houses present today are therefore built after this fire.
In 2005, Tom Kjørsvik got his plan to revitalize this area by painting the houses in various strong colors.
Today you will find coffee shops and cafés, barber shops, art and clothes stores here. May we recommend:




How to get there

"Fargegaten" is easy to find in the center of Stavanger. Just follow the map below.
In official street maps, the street is called "Øvre Holmegate"