The Iron Age Farm

The Iron Age Farm

The Iron Age Farm (Jernaldergården)

at Ullandhaug consists of three wooden buildings with roofs made of peat and bark. The exterior walls were covered with stones to keep out the cold. The buildings burned down around 500 AD for some unknown reason - possibly due to a war. 


Iron Age people at Jæren on the southern coast, utilizing the rounded rocks strewn throughout the area along with sparsely available logs and sod, built longhouses with room for animals on the one end and their owners on the other. With the milder climate of the period, they had a livable shelter.




The reconstructed buildings have been erected on their original site. The hearths are the original ones and are still in use. This contributes to great authenticity and provides a valuable experience of the past. 


The excavation of the farmstead at Ullandhaug took place in 1967 and 1968, and provided new knowledge about prehistoric house constructions. The buildings were reconstructed in 1972 and 1973.


The photo below was taken in June, 2014 and show the high-rises north west of the Iron Age Farm. The sheep graze on the surrounding area. 

How to get there

The Iron Age Farm is located at Ullandhaug in the municipality of Stavanger - about five kilometers from the city center. There are several bus routes that pass by since it is close the University. You can also drive your own car.