Flor & Fjære

Pulpit Rock

Are you looking for an exotic island with fauna typical of far warmer climates - near Stavanger?


Flor & Fjære has come to be a frequently visited attraction just outside Stavanger. The garden, which is located on the Sør Hidle island, includes flowers, shrubs and trees that are virtually impossible to grow other places in Norway. Due to it's location, Flor & Fjære has a very favourable climate. 


The experience to Flor & Fjære includes a 20 minute boat trip back and forth to the island from the queyside in Stavanger, a guided tour of the garden and the possibility to have a great tasting dinner.



How to get there

Unless you have your own boat, you will have to take a boat from Skagenkaien in the middle of the bay area in Stavanger. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes and can be booked from Flor & Fjære's own website.

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