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On this page you will find info about various sports, music and links to the cinemas and the theater in Stavanger.


Soccer, ice hockey, handball, swimming, golf - you name it, Stavanger's got it - even their own rugby team! 


Viking is the main team in Stavanger now. The club was established in 1899 and has been in the top division as long as one can remember except for a couple of years. Their golden era was in the 70's when the won the series four years in a row

Viking FK
Stavanger Oilers is a newcomer within ice hockey. The team was established in 2000 and have ended up being amongst the top 4 in Norway's top ice hockey division the last 4 years.

Swimming: Stavanger has two major swimming clubs; "Stavanger Svømme Club" (established 1910) and Madla svømmeklubb (established 1970)

Stavanger Svømme Club
Madla Svømmeklubb
Handball: Stavanger has several handball clubs. Viking is the team to follow in Norway's top division for men.
Viking Handball
Rugby: Yes, there is a least one rugby team in Stavanger. Take a look at their facebook page ------>

Stavanger Rugby Club
Baseball: Baseball is not a major sport in Norway, but Stavanger does have a team. Take a look at their facebook page ----->

Stavanger Baseball Club
Golf: There are several superb golf courses in the Stavanger district. The oldest club in Stavanger is the Stavanger Golf Club - established in 1956. Worth mentioning is also Sola Golfklubb which has both a 9 hole course in addition to the 18 hole course.
Stavanger Golfklubb
Sola Golfklubb



Stavanger and the surrounding area has a fantastic and varied wealth of musicians, songwriters and performing artists from all genres such as:
Thomas Dybdahl, Stavanger Ensemblet, Kaizers Orchestra, Ingenting, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Hanne Sørvaag, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Theatre of Tragedy, Elin Furubotn and Kvelertak
The Concert Hall
A new concert hall was opened in 2012. It has two auditoriums: an orchestra hall and a multi-purpose hall with a shared foyer. The organ in the orchestra hall is Norway's largest. Use the link to the right to see what's on and order tickets.


Movies / Theater

The cinema in Stavanger is part of SF Kino AS which is actually owned by Swedish SF Bio AB - the oldest movie company in the world!
SF Kino has movie theaters in 8 Norwegian cities. To see what's on in Stavanger visit SF Kino Stavanger.
Rogaland Theater
Stavanger also has an exciting theater - one of Norways leading theaters. The theater building was built in 1883.  Every year, the theater presents 12-14 productions in four different venues: 
  • The main stage (Hovedscenen)with 375 seats 
  • The Basement stage (Kjellerteatret) - a small black box studio in the cellar 
  • Teaterhallen - anewly refurbished old gymnasium, with up to 200 seats
  • Intimscenen, yet another blackbox studio
Read more about the theater and order tickest at their website.

Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway held their International Lodge Meeting and Convention in Stavanger August 6 - 13, 2000. 
In commemoration of Leif Eriksen's voyage to America and the 175th Anniversary of Norwegian emigration to the US and Canada, the Sons of Norway Society spent a week long celebration in Stavanger.


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